22 May, 2021

Audion pdf comparison

AUDION pdf reissues

As an example of the type of work put into the new Audion pdf reissues, here's a comparison image of the old Emma Myldenberger article in Audion 16, vs. the new one...

and the old Mantra article in Audion 16, vs. the new one...

Note that these images are low-resolution compared to the actual pdf


04 May, 2021


AUDION magazine

Have you caught-up with the new relaunched Audion yet? There are 4 brand-new issues now available: 59, 60, 61 and 62, with Audion 63 due in a few weeks! These new issues are pdf/multimedia download only, with the magazine as pdf (viewable on most media devices, and printable too), plus free audio samples from the publication, some including exclusive recordings and other bonus items. All this for £5 an issue worldwide.
Many older issues are now reissued as pdf/multimedia issues too, and you can get all the info, as well as links to YouTube video previews, here: http://www.ultimathulerecords.com/audion.html
Direct Bandcamp downloads here: https://audion1.bandcamp.com/


20 April, 2021

25 Audion multimedia editions now available!

That's a total of 4 brand new issues, plus 21 reissues - so far! A huge resource for the curious music collector, and with each issue you get an hour or more of free audio, some with unique live or exclusive tracks!

look here https://audion1.bandcamp.com/

Ultima Thule Records at Discogs


speedy worldwide mail-order, with a great catalogue of unique prog & experimental music, including in-house exclusive labels, special imports, deletions, second-hand, rarities, etc.

Go here: https://www.discogs.com/user/ultimathulerecords and have a read, and then click on Items For Sale