29 October, 2022

Our forthcoming Italian music book is nearing completion.
It is now paid for, and at the printers, awaiting them supplying proofs, with the tentative publication date of 15 November 2022.

The price will be £25 + p&p/shipping.

The book is liable to weigh around a kilo, so international shipping won't be cheap, unless we use surface. There may be the option to use USPS surface/air economy to the USA as well.

We have been running a funding campaign via the Ultima Thule web site. Information can be found here: www.ultimathulerecords.com/fistful.html and there is also a funding option via Bandcamp as well with a minimum of £1 donation, although to secure a copy of the book you need to donate at least £30. But, be aware that funding via Bandcamp will have both PayPal and Bandcamp fees deducted (a£30 payment usually results in £25.83 received here, as opposed to the usual £28.83). So, if you are going to do it via Bandcamp then it will be to your advantage to do it on Bandcamp Friday, this next week. Here's the Bandcamp funding link: audion1.bandcamp.com/merch/a-fistful-of-spaghetti-book-funding-campaign

all pre-orders will get a free bonus pdf publication, as listed here: www.ultimathulerecords.com/audion.html#italianscrapbook

More useful links...

Book taster preview: youtu.be/KOXmsf4qvV0

bonus pdf preview: youtu.be/NjFg7U8XBIc

pages from the opening section...
some picture pages...

some text page samples...