02 May, 2019

Nice post on my xylemexperimental YouTube channel

Alto Stratus - Electric Junk 
Teddy Dog
This entire channel is completely frying my mind. Experimental is in the title and is it ever. Amazingly there is not one track on this playlist which didn't set my pulse pounding. This is precisely the kind of music I love. How I went years as a DJ and buying CDs from Moldavia to capture that frightening and inhuman sound I seek and it's all here. I have a few favorites like Kevin O'Neill and Interstellar Cement mixer and Endtime above all. How in the name of Beelzebubs balls were they never heard of ? I hope you don't mind but I bulked up a few of my own playlists with music from here. Please feel free to take what you will from mine. Your music can now also be found on 'Tod Dockstaders Memorial Sound Emporium', ' Hafler Trio Bonanza !' and 'John Cage -For The Birds'. To a music fiend like me this is exactly like discovering treasure. Even better because I'd just spend every gold doubloon on music anyway. Experimental music that doesn't feel like a lemon juice soaked drill bit grinding into my ear is exactly what I love and this channel is filled with it. You've made my night if not my month. Thank you !