29 November, 2018

Now posting Cosmic Egg releases on Bandcamp

On the Cosmic Egg Bandcamp page you'll find all the releases we have with open license, all as full resolution wav. flac (or whatever you desire), plus original CDs. All with easy Bandcamp ordering.

Here's one example...

21 November, 2018

Kevin O'Neill

instrumental synthesizer music pioneer from South Wales

Primarily active during the 1980s. Kevin was one of the rare examples of a unique talent with a distinctive personal style. True, he did occasionally display his roots and influences in his music, but he never set out to copy or emulate anyone. So Kevin was not another Schulze or TD wannabe, and this was what made his music so invigorating and exciting - we'd never encountered the likes of it before! For this reason alone Kevin's music has remained fresh and vital.
     Initially we presented our favourite two, his first and third cassettes, cleaned-up for an authentic sound sans hiss or defects and remastered by Alan Freeman at Tachyon studio. Since negotiating those, Kevin gave his permission to reissue all his other cassettes and also two archive collections, adding up to the complete collection.

These are all now available as high quality self-made CDR releases, with easy ordering from the Ultima Thule site, and also as Bandcamp downloads...

Now also available, free sampler including two unreleased tracks!