29 July, 2022

MPS - favourites from the Black Forest

essential for fans of far-out 60s/70s jazzy prog/psych underground sounds

article in the new Audion magazine



Audion 70 published!


New release: Audion 70

There were plans for a Paul Nagle interview in the very first issue of Audion, but for some reason it never happened. So, 36 years later we catch up with Paul at a time when he's even more creative than he ever was. So, not 35 years too late, but a celebration of this unique talent in British electronic music. Audion #70 turned out to be a really work intensive issue, with quite an incredible number of reviews, and a serious amount of in-depth research was need to be done for the AMM article. Thus, this issue took me over a month to complete! Paul Nagle features as the cover article because Andy G thought he should. Although big news of the moment is the debut album from Birth, which meant cramming-in the article/interview at the last moment. Apart from, the main body of the Perigeo article, nearly all the rest of is album review based, of which the MPS and Harvest features were especially enjoyable to do. https://audion1.bandcamp.com/album/audion-70-multimedia