20 November, 2021

Audion magazine news

Have you discovered Audion magazine yet?
Audion was established as a quarterly music magazine way back in 1986, written and published by the Freeman brothers, who also ran the famous Ultima Thule record shop in Leicester between 1989 and 2010 (since then continuing as mail-order).
Audion published 58 issues through to 2013, plus the essential Krautrock encyclopedia: The Crack In The Cosmic Egg book (now republished as an immersive and exhaustive DVD-rom/download edition), and other guides like the East Euro Discography and the Audion guide to Nurse With Wound.
In 2020, Audion was relaunched as a pdf/multimedia download magazine via Bandcamp, with an ongoing reissue programme of old issues, and brand-new issues - of which 7 new issues have been published so far, and a new one Audion 66 will be out in a couple of weeks.
All Audion pdf/multimedia download magazines also come with a selection of free audio that is reviewed or featured in the magazine, some including exclusive recordings or rare live tracks, all officially used with permission, and given away free with the download, making them a bargain at just £5 each worldwide (those with limited download ability can also get the recent issues pdf only).
In the "printed/physical" tab you'll also find remaining copies of old printed Audions, plus The Crack In The Cosmic Egg rom purchase options