30 January, 2022

Bumper 48 page new Audion!

Audion 67 (pdf publication)
...containing the usual diverse array of genres and styles, with things new and old. The cover article on King Crimson was requested way back in Audion 22, and the Dierks feature (which includes an interview with the legendary engineer of Cosmic Jokers member himself) finally came together after several months planning. Andy G got especially productive supplying Harald Grosskopf and Lutz Ulbrich interviews, of which the Ulbrich will be in the next issue. Along with those, we have the little-known Krautrock band Alcatraz, features on current bands: Abrete Gandul and Eye Make The Horizon, the usual customary dips into the avant-garde, the postponed Dawn label feature, and tons more reviews including a 2-page special on Seelie Court Digital. Also, another thing you may notice is that this new issue is a snazzier pdf, as I finally sussed-out how to do direct conversion from Microsoft Word!

Get it here: just £5
includes over 2½ hours of free audio!

Breeze Music - Ohr, Pilz, KM reissues article
with exclusive Dieter Dierks interview!
A glimpse of pages 1 & 2 of the article...

King Crimson Part 1 - 8 page article
A glimpse of pages 2 & 3 of the article ...

You can browse in low-res without downloading here: https://youtu.be/6o8yK2sswAA

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